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Patented Technology Revolutionizes Cannabis Industry


How the Cannalyzer Works

1) Grind cannabis flower into a sample cup
2) Place cup on sample fixture
3) Press the RUN button, then see the display turn yellow
4) After a few seconds the measurement results will appear and the display turns GREEN. You can then save or print.

Rugged, Portable, & Easy to Use

A trained Lab technician is NOT required to operate the Cannalyzer-420! Samples are easily measured by placing on the CANNALYZER-420.  After pressing the RUN button see the medical potency of CBD and other components displayed quickly. Battery operation allows 8 hours of measurement and also includes AC Adapter to operate while re-charging!



Our patent pending technology is available now for product manufacturing, retail, and portable applications. For the past decade the U.S. Department of agriculture (USDA) has used infrared to measure numerous agricultural commodities such as Alfalfa, wheat grains,  and flour for protein, fat, ash, moisture, mold and more. Now, with our new technology, we can measure Cannabis %CBD(medical), %THC (recreational), %CBN (extract factor), and moisture.

thc cool pictureThe near-infrared (NIR) region of the light spectrum extends just past the visible region at about 770nm to 2500nm in frequency terms called wavelength.  In this region are overtones or combinations of fundamental stretching vibrational bands of molecules. The bonds involved are usually C-H, N-H, and O-H. Because the bands are overtones or combinations their molar absorptivities are low. Quantitative determination of species, such as water, proteins, low molecular weight hydrocarbons, and fats in products of the agriculture, food, petroleum and chemical industries.  When measuring the reflected NIR light from samples we can see how much light was absorbed.  This directly correlates to the active molecule concentrations we are measuring such as %THC, CBD, CBN, and moisture in cannabis.

The Lightwave software mathematically correlates the Cannalyzer-420 measurements with laboratory measured values so it can easily predict values it has NOT seen! It’s then checked using a large set of independant cannabis samples to see how well it performs in predicting unknowns. This is known as the RMS error of cross-validation (1.5% or lower) and is related to the accuracy of the Cannalyzer-420. Thus errors can be and “are” minimized prior to deployment for maximized accuracy!

During the build of the Lightwave software, bogus lab samples are flagged by the statistics, then removed to improve accuracy. The lightwave software has seen the potency values of numerous cannabis samples and knows EXACTLY what to expect! Laboratory samples are run one at a time and DO NOT have this advantage! THIS FEATURE-FACT IS REALLY IMPORTANT as untrained operators can produce repeatable results!

For the past decade the U.S. Department of agriculture (USDA) has used infrared to measure agricultural commodities such as Alphalpha, wheat grains, etc.

Cannalyzer System Repeatability & Accuracy


Potency Survey of results from 10 Cannalyzer-420 Systems

Cannabis by Strain

>REC     *MED

Psycho Active THC(delta-9) Average

THC Standard Deviation

CBD Average

CBD Standard Deviation

>*HarleQuin 5.87 0.73 10.57 1.07
>Sour Kush 18.02 0.49 3.42 0.62
>Blue Dream 22.77 0.62 2.95 0.62
>Gold Lemon 25.64 0.92 3.36 0.68
Hemp 0.00 0.00 6.59 1.08
*Ringos Gift 0.94 0.33 17.90 1.02
*CharleQuin 2.23 0.42 14.51 0.56
*ACDC 0.00 0.00 19.27 0.76


Repeatability between systems is less than +/- 0.50 readout units!

10 measurements, each after unit restart then sample placement eg: Blue Dream [23.85][24.25][24.27][24.64][24.70] …



Accuracy is better than +/- 1.2%!

Based on RMS error reported during system calibration. Sample correlation uncertainty obtained from LAB data using GC or LC.



Additional Weeks


* Become a Data Source and submit at least 20 cannabis data samples from your region to our NIR reference database and receive additional discounts.  Must qualify based on your location and sample types. E-mail




Cannabis Conferences

Come see the Cannalyzer-420 in action at your local cannabis conference. Our team of cannabis scientists attend many conferences and will have the Cannalyzer on display. Please stop by and see a new way to KNOW EVERY DEAL!

Future Events

Dec 14-15, 2019: Santa Rosa, CA | Emerald Cup


Past Events

Jan 26-27, 2019 Denver, CO | Indo Expo
Dec 15-16, 2018: Santa Rosa, CA | Emerald Cup
September 27-28, 2018: Portland | ICBC
July 27- 28, 2018 Boston | CannaCon
April 28- 29, 2018: Richmond | INDO EXPO
Dec 9-10, 2017: Santa Rosa, CA | Emerald Cup
January 2017: Denver, Co | Indo Expo
August 2017: Portland, Or | Indo Expo
November 16-18, 2016: Las Vegas | Mj Biz Conference & Expo
Dec 10-11, 2016: Santa Rosa, CA | Emerald Cup
Dec 12-13, 2015: Santa Rosa, CA | Emerald Cup
Dec 6, 2015: Portland, OR | Northwest Cannabis Cup
May 19-20, 2015: Washington, DC | NORML lobby Congress
April 18-20, 2015: Denver, CO | High Times Cannabis Cup
February 7-8, 2015: Los Angeles, CA | High Times Cannabis Cup
December 15-16, 2014: Denver, CO | IndoExpo @ the Mart
November 15-16, 2014: Sonoma County, CA | Emerald Cup
September 6-7, 2014: Seattle, WA | High Times Cannabis Cup
June 28-29, 2014: San Francisco, CA | High Times Cannabis Cup
April 19-20, 2014: Denver,CO | High Times Cannabis Cup


Photos from the 2017 Emerald Cup!

Had a great showing and everyone loved stopping by the Lightwavescience booth to test their grow.

Check us out at the 2017 Indo Expo!

Results from the 2016 Emerald Cup

Gorilla Glue by Humboldt Brand wins this year’s Cannalyzer-420 Contest for potency with a 23.5% THC, 5% CBD, & 4.2% Moisture. Charloquin wins medicinal with a 1% THC, 13.2% CBD, & 3.4% Moisture.

Thanks everyone for such a great showing at this year’s Emerald Cup!

Competitor Equipment Comparison

Lab instruments such as GC & LC require 20-40 minutes of operation by trained lab technicians. Potential errors are possible due to preparation when mixing solvents with samples or possible reference/math error. Many reports have been written about sending 3 blind samples to a lab then getting 3 different measurement values from different Labs when it was essentially the same cannabis flower sample.

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